2020 NBA Dunk Contest Full Highlights
Bleacher Report
Every dunk and highlight from the 2020 NBA Dunk Contest between Derrick Jones Jr., Aaron Gordon, Dwight Howard and Pat Connaughton.

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  • Derpy

    Why do people keep saying Aaron teabagged Tacko? Aaron clearly jumped over Tacko, and the only reason Tacko ducked in the end was because Aaron needed to dunk the ball. Even the announcers are shouting “He didn’t even touch him!”. If anything, Tacko really is too tall, which makes Aaron’s dunk all the more impressive.


    Robbed again

  • Max Stavens
    Max Stavens

    This is like bowling 11 straight strikes in bowling, the getting a 9 then losing to someone who had less points than you.

  • SimplyColeen

    black panther is just really quiet during dunk contest

  • Alex Unruh
    Alex Unruh

    a youtuber named jesser asked Aaron Gordon if he could jump over tacko on asking allstars random questions

  • TjDj 125
    TjDj 125

    How did Derrick Jones Jr win, he was just doing the same dunk but from different spots and then Aaron Gordon jumps over Tacko Fall without putting his hands on him so this Dunk Contest was Rigged. Dwayne Wade wanted Derrick Jones Jr to win because he plays for Miami so Aaron Gordon should have won

  • Alex Unruh
    Alex Unruh

    d wade wasn't biased for djj he was unfair against other dunkers

  • Dylan Roberts
    Dylan Roberts

    U guys see the Mark’s on his arm he went though cupping what a loser

  • Nicolas ZYX
    Nicolas ZYX

    Aron Gordon agrees Israelis and Palestinians. Wade: 9

  • XxGavinxX

    Bro I feel Aaron Gordon 😂 he’s gotten robbed so many times I was also watching this when it was on tv and I through something through my wall😂

  • Kawhi Leonard
    Kawhi Leonard

    its not Jones Jr. come on. Its the judges.

  • Kyle Velez
    Kyle Velez

    It looked like a great and fun event I wish I was there lol

  • check ya chin
    check ya chin

    Oh my, a black guy dunking a basketball. Uh, how about a black guy feeds a family of four? Show me something I haven't seen. An, by the way, blacks playing basketball is couture appropriation, invented by a white man. Think last name was Naismith. Onward

  • Paul DM
    Paul DM

    AG got robbed again 😩

  • ruyoshi123

    Go watch Dunk League! Jones just did the same dunk 3 times....

  • Paul Studebaker
    Paul Studebaker

    Here is how you fix the dunk contest: 1. Remove judge collusion. 2. -2 points for repeated dunks 3. 3 attempts. 1 miss allowed without penalty. 4. 2 misses is -1 point 5. Give the judges a clear rubric for scoring: 5-10, 5 is missed dunk, 10 is top level dunk Judge based off difficulty and creativity 6. If you want a seriously sweet contest, give them -1 for doing a dunk that has ever been done before in the contest lol

  • penquin ツ
    penquin ツ

    shaq is the only person who would record with the back camera of his phone with a selfie stick

  • ba bun
    ba bun

    D wade is basically bias

  • eric draven
    eric draven

    Aaron Gordon becomes Derrick Jones Jr during a dunk... Judges: that's a 47

  • charlotte wormwood
    charlotte wormwood

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="12">0:12</a> that's sucks, that dude so tall, how in the hell he not able to do simple dunk like so

  • Gerónimo Tutino Maletta
    Gerónimo Tutino Maletta

    Por que mierda vota gente de mierda?

  • Panagiotis Vegiazis
    Panagiotis Vegiazis

    Happy berteaiy jones

  • Paul Studebaker
    Paul Studebaker

    Here’s how it should have gone down: | 1st Round | Dwight Howard Should be: 40, 42-82 total Actual: 41, 49-90 total Notes: 1st dunk wasn’t hard. 2 attempts. 2nd dunk is a simple alley oop. Nothing special. 2 style points, I’d say. Dwayne Wade “I got peer pressured cause of the Kobe thing”. Derrick Jones Jr Should be: 47, 50-97 total Actual: 46, 50-96 Total Notes: 1st dunk had a clear push off. Still was from distance and cool. 2nd dunk is 50 no question. Pat Connaughton Should be: 43, 50-93 total Actual: 45, 48-93 total Notes: 1st dunk got points for being white. Same exact dunk as DJJ but no distance or specialty. Dunk has been done 20 times before. Style points and 1st try make. 2nd dunk was special. Took three tries so should lose points but judges would never have guts to do that. Aaron Gordon: 50, 50-100 total Actual: 50, 50-100 total Notes: No Question. Totals: Dwight: 82..actual was 90 Pat C: 93...93 DJJ: 97...96 AG: 100...100 | Finals | Derrick Jones Jr Should Be: 50, 50 Actual: 50, 50 Notes: 1st two dunks were no question and honestly were better than AGs finals dunks. Aaron Gordon Should be: 49, 50 Actual: 50, 50 Notes: 1st dunk, I mean if we’re comparing, he just turned a little. Wasn’t actually that much more special. The 1st dunk should have been the difference. Not nearly as good as either of DJJs and DJJ didn’t miss any attempts. Should Be Totals AG: 99...actually was 100 DJJ: 100...100 Bonus Final #1 Derrick Jones Jr Should Be: 50-winner again Actual: 50 Notes: 1st dunk is hands down 50. Aaron Gordon Should Be: 47 Actual: 50 Notes: 1st dunk the judges really screwed up. DJJ already did this dunk! It would have made the end so much simpler to resolve. Bonus Final #2 Aaron Gordon Should be: 50 Actual: 47 Notes: Tacko dunk takes balls. Awesome style points. Gave the audience exactly what they wanted. Who cares if he hit his hands or pushed off with the ball? Lol Derrick Jones Jr Should Be: 45 Actual: 48 Notes: He did a windmill from a step inside the free throw line. That’s been done many times before. Totals Derrick Jones Jr Should be: 150 1st three finals, 195 whole finals, 292 whole contest Actual: 150 1st three finals, 198 whole finals, 294 whole contest Aaron Gordon Should Be: 145 1st three finals, 196 whole finals, 296 whole contest Actual: 150 1st three finals, 197 whole finals, 297 whole contest Summary: The final round? AG was obviously better dunking over Tacko vs a routine windmill that DJJ wasn’t even happy about. But the judges screwed up by letting it even get that far. AG outdunked DJJ in the 1st round, but DJJ clearly out-dunked AG for the finals- except the last bonus dunk. In the end, they gave away too many 50s and paid for it by ending the night on a bad note.

    • Paul Studebaker
      Paul Studebaker

      None of this to take away from these guys. It was a sweet dunk contest.

    • Paul Studebaker
      Paul Studebaker

      All valid points. I’ll be honest, my comment was a “I’m super bored with this quarantine” comment. Lol One thing I’ll say abou Pat C’s dunk is that guys are always pushing off when they jump over people and take the ball from them. It’s a visual trick. Just watch. That’s why the prop always has a wide stance and holds the ball the way they do -> for base strength. It’s also why they always duck down a little bit. They are just being pushed down. DJJ did it with his first dunk and Pat did it with both of his. Also watch sport science’s video on the under both legs dunk by AG. They talk about it too.

    • Ūñçłë Đřëw
      Ūñçłë Đřëw

      You discriminated against Dwight BADLY lmao, his 2 dunks were both 45. Freezing in the air for a 360 and spreading out your arms that far at his height is not a easy dunk to do. It was a 9. His second dunk was a diluted version of what he did in 2008. He's still jumping out from far away and jumping unbelievably high for his age. Also a 9 and D Wade did not say he got peer pressured cuz of the Kobe tribute. He just said he got peer pressued in general. There aren't many 34-year-olds that can do either of those 2 dunks that he displayed. DJJ's first dunk was a 45 just like Pat's. They both simply jumped over a guy in the first round. You gotta give 9s so they could step their game up. Pat's first dunk was not "the same exact dunk as DJJ's". Pat didnt have to push and he jumped higher than him. He didn't get points "for being white". Plus Pat's 2nd dunk did not deserve to get points taken off with the degree of difficulty for his dunk. Aaron's 3rd dunk was special because he's not just jumping over Chance. He's controting his body in different ways which is raising the difficulty of the dunk. He had his back to the basket when he was dunking while jumping over Chance which is indeed a 50. Then you're gonna say DJJ's 3rd dunk was better than Aaron's 3rd dunk?!!? Hell no. It's a 50, but no. Stop. Aaron's 5th dunk was a 50 because he did it over the Orlando Magic mascot in 2016. The mascot was on a hoverboard and even without the hoverboard, it's taller than Chance. It doesn't matter if DJJ did it, through the legs is all he's doing anyway - he wasn't creative. DJJ literally did his 5th dunk in the 2017 contest with Devin Booker giving that same pass without running. He would never out dunk Aaron Gordon. Aaron Gordon's the most creative dunker in the history of the contest. From those comments you gave, I'm very sure that you completely forgot Aaron Gordon's a 6'10" power forward with a 47" vertical doing all these degree of difficulty dunks at his size when big men get discriminated against.

  • Ignacio García Martín
    Ignacio García Martín

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="523">8:43</a> there is NINJA in the left

  • Gmoney Oc
    Gmoney Oc

    This is bs

  • Alex Unruh
    Alex Unruh

    he cleared tacko, oh no no he he tapped him just a skim.

  • Lethal Dragoon
    Lethal Dragoon

    Even derrek Jones jr knew ag got robbed

  • NadeMEGeneration

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="992">16:32</a> - DWade big 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

  • DonLow

    It was Wade that ruined it, everyone agreed it’ll be tied but knew, that’s why he’s taking everything off before we saw the score

  • Gabriel Euseff Bongato
    Gabriel Euseff Bongato

    Dwayne wade gives 9 in AG because dwayne wants derrick jones to be the winner because his playing for the miami

  • Gabriel Euseff Bongato
    Gabriel Euseff Bongato

    The worst winner in the history

  • Gabriel Euseff Bongato
    Gabriel Euseff Bongato

    Thats why he won the dunk contest because its his birthday

  • l0KI_Sw4gGy _YT
    l0KI_Sw4gGy _YT

    Jones Jr was 10/10 but he kept doing under the leg

  • pro.ninja gaming.9
    pro.ninja gaming.9

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="851">14:11</a> you can see Patrick Mahomes in the back

  • pro.ninja gaming.9
    pro.ninja gaming.9

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="851">14:11</a> you can see Patrick Mahomes in the back

  • Carlos Butler
    Carlos Butler

    That shit was rigged


    🔥🔥 *nice action* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> 🔥💙💘 👇👇🔥💃

  • AmHara 17
    AmHara 17

    No one: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1137">18:57</a> boi: ThaTs a SIxtY

  • AmHara 17
    AmHara 17

    Aaron Gordon: 720 between 3 legs windmill tomahawk from 4 point line with 5 balls Wade: mmmmmmh nine

  • Lil Meat
    Lil Meat

    Gordon jumps over taco fall and he doesnt win bro. Boooo to the judges

  • J GrUBbS
    J GrUBbS

    I can write 10 paragraphs about the bullshit in this dunk contest BUT simply put "GORDON GETS ROBBED AGAIN"

  • Supreme 4
    Supreme 4

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="715">11:55</a> theyre tryna win the nba title corona: hole my beer

  • Slim Jim Delicious
    Slim Jim Delicious


  • Rohan Batheja
    Rohan Batheja

    Araron Gordon got robbed the judges hate him

  • Carson Anderson
    Carson Anderson

    Aaron Gordon jumps over the stadium judges 47

  • L Matthies
    L Matthies

    why tf they got shaq filming lmaooo

  • EdinPlayzMC & More
    EdinPlayzMC & More

    Use this as a AG got robbed button

  • Alfry Javier De La Rosa
    Alfry Javier De La Rosa

    Who is here after Watch Chris staples video


    The jury is suge knight

  • QuandoTv

    Every Time Aaron Gordon Jumps Dwayne Wade Son Hunts Him

  • Doris Gavin
    Doris Gavin

    Damn they rob the shit outta gordon

  • king bee
    king bee

    Everyone mad but Gordon was did not clear tacko by any means, mans rode him like a horsey


    OMG... I would have given them both a trophy

  • Claudio

    I will get a lot of hate but idc. Stop crying about D Wade giving Aaron Gordon a 9. Derrick Jones Jr. deserves the trophy. How high he jumps and his creativity of his dunks.

  • Joseph Costello
    Joseph Costello

    Aaron: does a front flip dunk (everyone screaming) Judges: That’s 8.5

  • hello

    i would hate winning like this

  • Braylen Underself
    Braylen Underself

    *sniff sniff* I smell so bullshit!!!

  • DRAGON 1627
    DRAGON 1627

    AaronGordon:Dunks over a 9 footer. Judges:that’s a 9. Pat Cauughington: jumps over a 4 footer. Judges that’s a 10

  • craig chitungo
    craig chitungo


  • D C
    D C

    This is shit, again.....

  • carl kelvin paralejas
    carl kelvin paralejas

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a> kamukha ni kobe ung katabi ng babae sana mapansin niyo din like if tama ako.

  • LeBron Fan
    LeBron Fan

    The D'Amelios and Addison Rae dancing while Aaron Gordon jumps over the COURT

  • Fade Kiziyu
    Fade Kiziyu

    D Wade now looking at it biased his old TEAM LMFAO D WADEEEEE FIRST U LET A 11 YEar old DECIFE TO BECOME A GIRL BUT ye..

  • Yuri Gaviria
    Yuri Gaviria

    The judges should never be allowed in an NBA stadium again

  • Breezo Buckz
    Breezo Buckz

    howard so trash dude

  • Guy Footer
    Guy Footer

    Aaron Gordon should have one

  • Alex Ramthun
    Alex Ramthun

    Instead of Dwight Howard it should've been Zion

  • Sgtalex10 1069
    Sgtalex10 1069

    Aaron gordon: Dunks over Empire State Building Judges: 47

  • ThUnDeR YT
    ThUnDeR YT

    Aaron Gordon finds cure to cancer Judges 46

  • Mark Piquero
    Mark Piquero

    Judges dont aprreciate tacko fall 😅 props to dj jr u deserve bro.

  • Ethan Kennefick
    Ethan Kennefick

    Imagine dunking over Tacko and losing

    • king bee
      king bee

      He ain’t even clear tacko by any means

  • TayGot Game_
    TayGot Game_

    AG: jumps to the sun and died Judges: eh 47

  • Levi mariano Laboratory
    Levi mariano Laboratory

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1136">18:56</a> Thats A 60

  • David Lynskey
    David Lynskey

    Feel bad for DJJ. Won the dunk contest on his birthday, and nobodys even congratulating him or anything, just talking about how Gordon got robbed.

  • Ljjhonjhon09 Gutierrez
    Ljjhonjhon09 Gutierrez

    Gordon aq hihihi

  • Glenn Miller
    Glenn Miller

    AG gets 50 DWade: I thought we were only voting for the heat guy?

  • Gouled Omar
    Gouled Omar

    looking back 1mon later, aaron gordon got robbed!

  • Nicholas Storms
    Nicholas Storms

    Aaron got robbed in the worst way than when he versed zach In 2016 .

  • Crono J
    Crono J

    Flight will do that by june

  • Jonah Ahn
    Jonah Ahn

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1450">24:10</a> Look at DWade. He took his microphone before the scores. He didn't want to here it