CP3 Got Murray Leaning! Thunder Shock Nuggets! 2019-20 NBA Season
Chris Smoove
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    🔥🔥🔥 *Love basketball🏀🏀* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="41">0:41</a> 💛🔥🖤 👇👇💕

  • Leper Messiah
    Leper Messiah

    OKC vs Trash

  • The Football Fan
    The Football Fan

    CP3 that's nasty.

  • HardtoFindNooB NOOB
    HardtoFindNooB NOOB

    Thunder please waive Robertson and sign cousin or someone Robertson hasn’t played in almost 2years

  • ob1KENob Junior
    ob1KENob Junior

    Bruh that crossover was so quick I didnt see it until Smooth said something.

  • bEEbOinK Bryan
    bEEbOinK Bryan

    look at you so proud uploading someone else's video 🤣🤣

  • MJ Rmb
    MJ Rmb

    that crossover thooo

  • GypsyKiing

    I hope Chris Paul stays in OKC, I actually was looking forward to Steven Adams and him playing together when he got traded. Adams might be from New Zealand but as an Aussie, I always hope the Aus/Kiwi guys do well in the NBA.

  • Jonah Kalter
    Jonah Kalter

    cp3 is so underrated to the point where it actually annoys me

  • DJ Dollarz
    DJ Dollarz

    Beginning of the video made me smile😀😀😀😀😀

  • Drew Yang
    Drew Yang

    Think people forgot who CP3 is

  • Clydre Smithen
    Clydre Smithen

    CP3 having flashbacks of his Hornets days

  • Rajan Rellesiva
    Rajan Rellesiva

    Ow Rajon Rondo is going at it huh?

  • great bane
    great bane


  • Barrington Morris
    Barrington Morris

    Cp3 is really that dude.

  • Lion Tracks
    Lion Tracks

    Cp3 should have been with clippers or lakers or some big team....he needs a ring 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Agentshadowolf

      They couldn't take on his contract. It's too big.

  • Ryekuza

    Chris Paul is highkey the smartest player in the league, proving all haters wrong

  • Fake Player
    Fake Player

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="58">0:58</a> Jokic brain "Defense is not an option its waste of energy and no fun"

  • john yabs
    john yabs

    Hardens is cp3's problem

  • Raven GTR
    Raven GTR

    CP3: I'm Back baby CP3 Hamstring in the Playoffs: _BOSS MUSIC PLAYING_

  • j r
    j r

    Washed twin


    Did I saw a Jokic Dunk?

  • MONSIEUR Eagles
    MONSIEUR Eagles

    OKC is amazing. THUNDER UP!

  • Edwin Hernandez
    Edwin Hernandez

    Stop putting that dumbass song at the end it’s annoying asf

  • Kaneica Taylor
    Kaneica Taylor

    What maneuver could possibly be smoother!?!🤔

  • memes for life
    memes for life

    Gallinari to Miami 2020

  • Awesome_Thuunder

    Murray's ankles were on loooooad management

  • Michael Densing
    Michael Densing

    Cp3 wants that attention and got it..

  • caca yang
    caca yang

    Cp3 was never a bad player. Playing with harden made him disappear for a bit

  • A Unique Nobody
    A Unique Nobody

    Why is Murray always getting crossed

  • Foe Nem
    Foe Nem

    everyone said cp3 was gonna be a bad trade and look at him taking Westbrook’s team

  • InfiniteCaliber

    Why is it a shock? Okc is a real solid team

  • BG303

    Impressive season? Stop it. Who paid you to say that

  • Christian Bennett
    Christian Bennett

    Steven Adams for Most Improved Player

  • Gary Diaz
    Gary Diaz

    CP3 and Adams 💯

  • Yeshua is the Saviour
    Yeshua is the Saviour

    Steven Adams traveled.

  • Mike


  • Keshuan Davis
    Keshuan Davis

    Steven adams dunk was a travel

  • JayyBoogie187

    Murray stay leaning lol 😭😭😭

  • LightWork

    he got him leaaaanin

  • Arturok1992

    Imagine if them end up ahead of Houston and Clippers. 🤯

  • Oscar Macias
    Oscar Macias

    How did they shock the Nuggets? I thought they were a one point favorite lol

  • Fiction 6661
    Fiction 6661

    Well you kids only remember...CP3 from Clippers and the Rockets

  • Marcos JaLeel
    Marcos JaLeel

    Jamal always gettin crossed

  • Jairus Matthew
    Jairus Matthew

    thats my favorite point guard chris paul man chris paul man

  • Slump God
    Slump God

    Cp3 been balling

  • Kyle Wagner
    Kyle Wagner

    Y'all were sleeping on my guy

  • JayMakavel

    CP3 to the lakers would be dope


    Csnt even lie the newsmoove song is straight trash🔥🔥

    • JayJay Ihama
      JayJay Ihama

      No cap

    • Shamar Brown
      Shamar Brown


  • Jaswinder Singh
    Jaswinder Singh

    OKC is better without Westbrook and PG

  • Francisco Isiordia
    Francisco Isiordia

    Hi smoove

  • Max Malten
    Max Malten

    Bro for real, stop your stupid shit in the outro.

  • MINN2x

    Anyone that knows military history knows that leaders Matter. They can drastically change the outcome of something.

  • Jonathan King
    Jonathan King

    CP3 having himself a real throwback season after everyone thought he was washed with a terrible contract🤷‍♂️

    • Ala Potato
      Ala Potato

      cp3 dunking on dwight, again

    • Fake Player
      Fake Player

      Well he are still old as dirt and he have very bad contract to build around

    • MicGoogle

      Miguel Arredondo he’s goated wym??

    • 2k Cheeser
      2k Cheeser

      smh my head no your dumb🤣

    • smh my head
      smh my head

      47 til infinity no are you dumb

  • BlazeyTv

    ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ YKTV We Winning The Finals For Sure

  • Cold Heart Comedy
    Cold Heart Comedy

    CP3 is the most slept on POINT GOD!

  • Dub Zero
    Dub Zero


  • glaurentlaw

    CP3 is the MVP

  • demarkus bolden
    demarkus bolden

    Bro if OKC make it to the finals CP3 spitting in Harden face and Westbrook face that's why you never underestimate your opponent.

  • Danso Beats
    Danso Beats

    So Pascal dropping 37 isint enough for you talk about the raptors? smh

  • Not so ugly duckling
    Not so ugly duckling

    the OKC could pull a major upset in the playoffs

  • Essence of Racing
    Essence of Racing

    Steven got hella bounce he dunked so easily

  • Chad Tilaka
    Chad Tilaka

    No raptors video siakam dropped 37

  • bryan pereira
    bryan pereira

    Don't trade cp3 plissss

  • valen the gamer
    valen the gamer

    Cris make live videos on 2k 20

  • Kob3 Jame2
    Kob3 Jame2

    People forgot cp3 bean the best pure pg since norleans

  • Ζαβαρα Κατρανέμια
    Ζαβαρα Κατρανέμια

    Did they traded jersey colours?

  • random name
    random name

    Joker ain't want none of that steve Adam's dunk

  • vetoland92

    No one: Smoove: *CP3* ... *Jokic*

    • Csuwek

      vetoland92 funny, you should be a comedian

  • Icon

    Me: trying to sleep Smoove: wHaT mANeUveR cOuLD PoSSiBlY B SMMOOOVVERR

  • BY LIU
    BY LIU


  • Easy Money
    Easy Money

    Murray forever getting his ass dropped

  • Cancer Police
    Cancer Police

    CP3 reminding everyone who he is

    • Fake Player
      Fake Player

      Well lets see what he does in playoffs

  • Anthony Abraham
    Anthony Abraham

    Cp3 has always played better when he alone

    • Anthony Abraham
      Anthony Abraham

      @MegaKhalid121 that's what I meant bro when he the only superstar he has always been better

    • MegaKhalid121

      When he's the best player on his team

  • jessrel tolibas
    jessrel tolibas

    Just as i thought, OKC will make the playoffs

  • Big Brother
    Big Brother

    Chris back at it again not uploading Raptors games

  • reef jones
    reef jones

    Chris Paul is proving his career has been wasted by talentless gm's

  • Jawad Wardak
    Jawad Wardak

    Me: sleeping Smoove: where Are you Going

  • CiCLoDoL

    stop complaining about the way im playing

  • DEAD_gaming

    Cp3 went off