Denver Nuggets vs Oklahoma City Thunder Full Game Highlights | February 21, 2019-20 NBA Season
MLG Highlights
Denver Nuggets vs Oklahoma City Thunder Full Game Highlights | February 21, 2019-20 NBA Season
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    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 *i fell happy when whach this* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a> 💘💞🔥 👇👇👇👇👇💜

  • Mil Osiap
    Mil Osiap

    CP3 to CP3s😆

  • Doctor Too-Much
    Doctor Too-Much

    i am not far away to say okc deserves to be at least conf finals this season. i wouldnt even mind if they take the cake at the end. which means against the lakers

  • Flynny poo
    Flynny poo

    That Lugentz Dort guy is seriously good. Hope they take him off OKC Blue and keep him on the main roster.

  • young man MC
    young man MC

    I like OKC so much

  • Eduardo Manfredo
    Eduardo Manfredo

    "Paul, shakes Millsap..."

  • Troy Addict
    Troy Addict

    Men I wish I can see all those people who said CP3 washed up !?,the worst trade !? I bet now they fake ass saying “🔥💯OKC fans where you at !”

  • Charles Joseph Quiamco
    Charles Joseph Quiamco

    I just love seeing OKC get some W's

  • 하루하나

    CP3 = Point God🔥

  • Yan Maevsky
    Yan Maevsky




  • Duff Man187
    Duff Man187

    Yall aint catchin LA wit dat defence lol c'mon Joker move ya gatdamn feet😂

  • Alan KS
    Alan KS

    all those years wasted in the clippers, this is just the beginning of something big.

  • Gayuk

    Cp3 showing these kids how its done lol

  • zz

    Would love cp3 to be in the Lakers

  • Kirk Mok
    Kirk Mok


  • Chester Rivas
    Chester Rivas

    The commentator is lit too.

  • Anteetoo Kounmpoo
    Anteetoo Kounmpoo

    Cp3 is an ingenuer #wow👏👏

  • HalleluaDanceTroupe

    Wish we could have seen CP3, Lebron, and AD on lakers. Would have been fire

  • BillyC Absithe
    BillyC Absithe

    we are not here to take part..we are here to take over... Denver 2020 hahahaha y'all suck boyz gave you a big D so you can stop believing you are the best!! In a Denver vs Dallas or OKC ...i pick them over Denver all day...

    • always refs
      always refs

      Lmao ns trolling

  • Bliss Junkie
    Bliss Junkie

    This is driving me crazy... why does S Adams always take the first shot for OKC.. every time

    • Shane Morrison
      Shane Morrison

      Adams sets the foundation for the boys to build on often the little things matter in the big plays😀

    • Bliss Junkie
      Bliss Junkie

      Klemente naw it’s a ritual. They can get him going early but it always has to be the very first shot?

    • jeyton

      I know how to fix it, start watching from the second shot ;0)

    • spicysushi

      I know right😂😂😂 ever since Westbrook was there.

    • Klemente

      don't let that drive you crazy, it's obviously their strategy to keep adams involved in the tempo, commentators always talks about it

  • Predragon

    I am so freaking annoyed with Nuggets FO (I really love our guys but they have no business acumen and get fleeced without addressing teams needs, I think its time to break TC and AK pairing they simply overlap strengths and weaknesses) every year same old $**t...not only that we lost Beasley for nothing but we yet again failed to fix roster (and I am not even speaking about getting Star power, but just freaking balancing roster/units) Plumlee may be decent player but he is terrible fit with our bench unit (he needs to be surrounded by 2-3 elite shooters to be effective and he stunts MPJ and Grant)...I like Plum, I really do, but he is worst Nuggets acquisition in past decade (from standpoint of fitting and returning value, he cost us Nurk and 1st rd- Collins, effectively lost 2+1 playoffs because of that trade, and its not about hindsight it was terrible deal the moment they made it) and is still throwing the wrench in our engine, if FO and Malone are so much in love with Plumlee the player they should have found him adequate working partners over past 3 years as its stands he will be yet again unplayable in postseason) and so is Barton with bench unit (stunts Morris because he needs the ball in his hands to create), only god knows whats happening with Garris (yes he had injuries but there must be a lot more to it) he has gone from most reliable to least reliable scorer/shooter in entire NBA over last 2 years (now you can't pair him with Plum or another poor shooter or it kills our spacing )

  • LensLoelsberg

    Schroder 6th man of the year! this shit aint up for debate!

  • Dragan Catic
    Dragan Catic

    Follow the movements of Barton on defense. He is not normal. He constantly chases jumps and leaves the players outside alone. Why he does it. It destroys defense. 10 times leaves the players alone. His iq is catastrophic.

  • pimpinnevaslipin

    *DENVER WITH THAT TRASH ASS DEFENSE EFFORT THE LAST **<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="519">8:39</a>** I SEE YOU!!!*

  • vivien herbier
    vivien herbier

    CP3 is a general Westbrook a lieutenant


    Ppl who are surprised by this don't watch enough OKC clips. Dudes can ball espesh at home

  • Dragica Andrejevic
    Dragica Andrejevic

    „when Millsap returns and the game slows to 105 points the most defeat happens .With 7 players, Denver won more difficult games .Melone is guilty of not seeing Milsap on the bench and giving up 2 po...“

  • Dragica Andrejevic
    Dragica Andrejevic

    Paul Millsap SPLITS GP MIN FG% 3P% FT% REB AST BLK STL PF TO PTS This Game 1 27.0 25.0 0.0 0.0 6.0 1.0 1.0 0.0 4.0 3.0 2.0

  • THEAGENIS Xinopoulos
    THEAGENIS Xinopoulos

    Congratulations big win for okc i like this okc my favorite

  • Gabriel John
    Gabriel John

    CP3 underrated.

    • Owen Ebert
      Owen Ebert

      You dumb? The man was an all-star, he aint underrated


    CP3 >>>>>>>>> statpadbrick


      @Bruno Fawks yah

    • Bruno Fawks
      Bruno Fawks


  • Tobi Emmanuel-Aina
    Tobi Emmanuel-Aina

    Wow Chris Paul was looking like a shorter Kobe out there today

  • Gianluca Cortellessa
    Gianluca Cortellessa

    Chris Paul straordinario quest'anno 👏👏👏

  • Manu 06
    Manu 06


  • lebron jordan
    lebron jordan


  • J J
    J J

    Really wanna see this okc team make the playoffs #Thunderup

  • Samuel Hu
    Samuel Hu

    CP3 controls the game pace

  • One Snap And Gone
    One Snap And Gone

    I dont know man i just love to watch the thunder play and get some W.

  • barjad 19
    barjad 19

    Cp3 dominated this game, jamal murray playing good, but that's not enough, gary harris must improve his game

  • Jervis Paraggua
    Jervis Paraggua

    Jokic is Marc Gasol on steroids but minus the defense.

  • The Flash
    The Flash


  • tate blark
    tate blark

    chris paul rlly shittin on em huh lmaooooo

  • THEAGENIS Xinopoulos
    THEAGENIS Xinopoulos

    Okc for champions

  • hihahiha huhiha
    hihahiha huhiha

    Aquaman beats the Joker

    • Laikon24

      Its Khal Drogo

    • Marko Obradović
      Marko Obradović


    • Predragon

      Aquaman may be overpaid but he isn't overrated, he is still one of the better SuperM8s

  • Taku Samuel
    Taku Samuel

    This is the same CP3 Houston Rockets didn't know where to keep.

    • Laikon24

      Well hes good at decision making, you gotta give him the ball to show that. And thats hard to do when you have Harden on your team :D

    • Swat Me
      Swat Me

      we have like the worst front office of the entire league T_T oh and our coach SUCKS

  • Jaewoo Park
    Jaewoo Park

    CP3 is on another level

  • eksi3

    Okc is better than last year lmao

    • Cappy Love
      Cappy Love

      mikey2221000 Depend on the matchup. I can see the Thunder having the “potential” to at least rise to the 3rd or 4th seed.

    • iago mello
      iago mello

      They got rid of 2 chokers that couldnt get a chip together

    • AO_NZ

      Not bad for a rebuilding team. A lot of picks in the future so it’s looking bright.

    • mikey2221000

      How? They are still losing in the 1st round

    • Broken Glass
      Broken Glass

      No they're not

  • Daniel Berri
    Daniel Berri


  • Daniel Berri
    Daniel Berri


  • Juros Lassell
    Juros Lassell

    Where amazing happens indeed!

  • Srry imsad
    Srry imsad

    These thunder gon be scary in the playoffs

    • Αντώνης Κοντ
      Αντώνης Κοντ

      @Srry imsad're right..

    • Αντώνης Κοντ
      Αντώνης Κοντ

      @BloodGamer Περίμενε και θα δεις.

    • BloodGamer

      @Αντώνης Κοντ apo pious 8a fane sweep? Klaiw

    • Bhanqwa BhanqwaBhanqwa
      Bhanqwa BhanqwaBhanqwa

      @Srry imsad Harr harr ;p

    • Srry imsad
      Srry imsad

      @Αντώνης Κοντ swiped right? Or left?

  • william blake
    william blake

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="545">9:05</a> why i keep seeing this stupidity?

    • Farez

      penta_the_best its team TO not personal TO

    • penta_the_best

      @micheal olusanya the clock running out isn't a turnover, idiot.

    • william blake
      william blake

      ​@micheal olusanya my question is why it keeps happening? stop counting it. mass stupidity, nobody in nba questioning this absurd.

    • micheal olusanya
      micheal olusanya

      It dumb but gotta secure the bag

    • micheal olusanya
      micheal olusanya

      If you have it when the clock go out it count as a to on your stats effects they contracts when tryna sign

  • Eduardo Alegre
    Eduardo Alegre

    Nuggets have a problem closing close games.

    • Laikon24

      @Eduardo Alegre what you talking about? Statistically Joker is the 2nd most clutch player after CP3. On top of that Nuggets have the best record in games closer than 5 points.

    • Eduardo Alegre
      Eduardo Alegre

      @Emil Andersson Jokic's conditioning affects his closing capability and Murray is inconsistent down the stretch. Hope that Harris finds his stroke.

    • Emil Andersson
      Emil Andersson

      Majority of their games are close tho, hard to kill team.

  • 皓仔

    Jokic dunked😯

    • Predragon

      it was from pure frustration LoL

  • Luzvi Batingan
    Luzvi Batingan

    Cp3 best point guard ever.small but terrible ,i wish he went to Lakers♥️

  • Eduardo Alegre
    Eduardo Alegre

    Aquaman's hooks are smooth.

  • di3gz

    Solid all around games CP3 SGA Adams Galinari And 6th man

    • Cullen Rollo
      Cullen Rollo

      di3gz I’m late but don’t forget about DORT 💪🏽💪🏽

  • Babacar Thiam
    Babacar Thiam

    CP3 😂😂🔥🔥

  • CarmeloPorium

    I always get scared when chris Paul attempts those tough pullup fadeaways. I hope he doesn't get injured

    • mikey2221000

      When he was hanging in the air that one play. I was like noooooo

  • Bankroll Pino
    Bankroll Pino

    The Thunder were GREAT tonight 👏 S/o CHRIS PAUL & S.G.A. It feel Nice to see ya'll ball like this

  • MegaKhalid121

    Yes we finally beat em

    • Bruno Fawks
      Bruno Fawks

      Yeah lol

    • Critchley John F. Faderogao
      Critchley John F. Faderogao

      It's due

    • Iti Thompson
      Iti Thompson

      yeah man! thunderup

  • Gary Travez
    Gary Travez

    Tremendo Chris paul

  • Vinicius Goulart
    Vinicius Goulart

    cp3: ain't dead yet

  • africano dos santos dos santos
    africano dos santos dos santos

    CP3 is an Doctor...

    • Honest Gamer
      Honest Gamer


  • ron

    Old man CP3 trying to make a come back

    • Trey Hemopo
      Trey Hemopo

      That old man probably school your ass 😂

  • Rosalie Santome
    Rosalie Santome

    Schröder for Sixth Man of the Year 💪👌

    • Semin Fetahovic
      Semin Fetahovic

      @major Jenkins im not saying hes better than him, hes just better this season coming off the bench in my opinion

    • major Jenkins
      major Jenkins

      @Semin Fetahovic the 2nd unit run thru Lou alot of times the ball is nn Lou hand last yr he was the clippers closer without a star on the team got in the playoffs and took golden State to 6games. If u think Schroeder is better the Lou ..will hey that's you the real Kno who the underground 🐐 is. Best off the bench still.

    • Semin Fetahovic
      Semin Fetahovic

      @major Jenkins wow what an absolut shit argument. I can see when people say lou is the sixth man but not with those arguments. Lou got the help from 2 superstars. Of course his team gonna be a top 3 seed. But Looking at the thunder, most of us didnt even think they was gonna make the playoffs and now they are the 6th seed, 2 games behind the 4th. And schröder has a big impact on that. Im not taking anything away from lou, but the argument that they are the 3rd seed doesnt make sense to me

    • major Jenkins
      major Jenkins

      Ain't nobody taking Schroeder over no Lou will.

    • major Jenkins
      major Jenkins

      @Semin Fetahovic who TF care bout (+)(-) when u get the win. They in 3rd place. If they top 3 trez or Lou will be the 6 of the yr. Jus the way it is.

  • 이재훈

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a>

  • A Healthy Snack
    A Healthy Snack

    Once again no Pacers highlights?

    • A Healthy Snack
      A Healthy Snack

      @Vino Dashh stfu filthy casual. Pacers always get slept on every year but we're always relevant no matter who's playing. At least I ain't a brain dead bandwagon

    • David Morris
      David Morris

      Never heard of they play basketball?

    • Owen Ebert
      Owen Ebert

      @Vino Dashh You're such bitch

    • Vino Dashh
      Vino Dashh

      A Healthy Snack victor is the only reason they’re relevant dumbass. Now go craw back to in you mr cave

    • A Healthy Snack
      A Healthy Snack

      @GeebusCripes 😴

  • Zertz

    this game feels like a playoff game

  • Alunski Jacky
    Alunski Jacky

    Chris Paul ain’t finished 🔥

    • Bruno Fawks
      Bruno Fawks

      @Raivons R1 & 535d lmao what💀

    • irGuilty

      I told yall

    • Amir Al Zahabi
      Amir Al Zahabi

      @Raivons R1 & 535d He ISNT

    • Raivons R1 & 535d
      Raivons R1 & 535d

      he better than westbrook

  • risen king
    risen king

    OKC is better without Westbrook 😃😃😃

    • Raivons R1 & 535d
      Raivons R1 & 535d

      CP3 is better than Westbrook,he just dont sell as much as westbrook

    • Eduardo Alegre
      Eduardo Alegre

      @Niel Magat it's not a player to player comparison. "fit" is very much overlooked when looking at trades. Both played according to what is expected of them. Westbrook thrives in the small-ball Rockets. And CP3 thrives as a stable leader in OKC,helping SGA to become a star.

    • Niel Magat
      Niel Magat

      Brug okc land cp3 who is actually better and consistent in shooting and has less turnover ratio.

    • Eduardo Alegre
      Eduardo Alegre

      CP3 and Westbrook trade. Both teams are winners.

  • Vinicio Angel
    Vinicio Angel