Dwyane Wade No.3 Jersey Retirement in Miami!
Dwyane Wade No.3 Jersey Retirement in Miami!
Watch Dwyane Wade's Jersey Retirement Ceremony as the Miami Heat retire his No.3 Jersey number into the rafters of the AmericanAirlines Arena!
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  • The Poo Poo Gang
    The Poo Poo Gang

    He should have changed his jersey number to 9

  • styles J.
    styles J.

    I've always said this, and that is D. Wade is the third greatest shooting guard of all time. ALL TIME!!!!!! Jordan, Kobe,Wade and then everyone else. I'm just saying I'll start with those three

  • styles J.
    styles J.

    Damn this nigga did a Hall of Fame Speech already.

  • DMen Watson
    DMen Watson

    Who else got chills the whole vid?

  • Wade Silva
    Wade Silva

    Man my idol dwade d flash 3rd best shooting guard ⚡️

  • Miami Has Talent
    Miami Has Talent

    Pat riley looking like you keep calling me old 😂

  • IAmJust Amanda
    IAmJust Amanda

    Will always be my favorite NBA player Dwayne Wade❤️ enjoy retirement💙we all miss Kobe Bryant and I know Kobe will be proud he is watching from heaven and he is sooo proud❤️❤️

  • Mohamed Boubker
    Mohamed Boubker


  • Southcidal Music
    Southcidal Music

    Beautiful words to his organization and loved ones.

  • Ricardito Leoncito
    Ricardito Leoncito

    This man leaving the game hit different. Seeing Miami play isn’t the same

  • Craig Punzalan
    Craig Punzalan

    Next up, UD and LeBron

  • M Twins
    M Twins

    Can’t believe he’s not playing basketball 🥺

  • Luke Real
    Luke Real

    Dwyane Wade's number is 3. He has won 3 championships. 3x3= 9 I give it a 9

  • Brittany Fischer
    Brittany Fischer

    Thank you dwyane Wade for time in the NBA you will be missed

  • Edward Elric
    Edward Elric

    I'm so happy I was able to attend to this game and see my boy get honored.

  • Gabriel Santiago
    Gabriel Santiago

    One of my favorite players growing up! D Wadeeeeeeeeeee❤️⚡️

  • 家荣LEX-CO

    what song is that

  • Sam Yap
    Sam Yap


  • Spring Delight
    Spring Delight

    Another LEGEND signing off

  • Victeveon Jackson
    Victeveon Jackson

    Top 3 best 2 guard ever in my eyes Forever Dewayne "flash "Wade

  • Thairan Chowdhury
    Thairan Chowdhury

    As a Lakers and Kobe fan, Dwayne was also one of my favorite players to watch. A LEGEND!

  • SuperRip7

    I guess basketball has severely aged him. 03-13-20.


    🔥🔥 *wondefull* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a> ❤🎥🔥💃 👇🔥

  • Survival

    No Heat team is complete without him.

  • Karim Kronenberger
    Karim Kronenberger

    If Jeezy payin LeBron I'm payin Dwayne Wade 🔥. Jay- Z

  • nelson ambong
    nelson ambong

    my all time favorite player

  • Trevon Constant
    Trevon Constant

    Watching you play since the beginning of your career DWade has truly been a blessing and you have built such a legacy that help Miami to get on the map We will miss you Dwayne Wade #Dwadeon3

  • damm will
    damm will

    First of all d wade that stuff about your son should have been kept in your house and not public somethoing is wrong with you and gabriel you painted your nails damm

  • EDH 28
    EDH 28

    Everybody knows that this jersey retirement ceremony is rated 9/10.

  • YoItzDallas

    Thats a 9

  • Vash malubay
    Vash malubay

    lodi flash...💪💪

  • High Voltage Media
    High Voltage Media

    jpsoft.info/hd/bideo/qXS7qZl6iLyWm5E Made a top ten d Wade compilation vid. Would love you guys’ feedback!

  • Ray Portier
    Ray Portier

    Incredible career I’ll give it a 9

  • dazzy .L
    dazzy .L

    That deserves a 9 only

  • Andrea Frimpong
    Andrea Frimpong

    Kaavia serving cute faces ❤️❤️❤️

  • Erik Manzig
    Erik Manzig

    He said <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="48">0:48</a> ...

  • I said Young man
    I said Young man

    We all need a heart ❤️ for Kobe Wayne would’ve been so proud and have happy tears

  • Matsiame Mafa
    Matsiame Mafa

    Kaavia isnt having it,she reminds me of Kobe's daughter on his retirement ceremony.

  • Hayden Carmon
    Hayden Carmon

    Who would even dislike this vid

  • John C
    John C

    Tha guy right there is clown #3 let his son run his house God you are trash person Wade

  • Prime Time
    Prime Time

    Wade is Wade, Kobe is Kobe! D Wade all time!🏀🏆💕

  • Pretty Boy Flizzy
    Pretty Boy Flizzy

    lost respect for him

  • mateusz czujko
    mateusz czujko

    Thank Lord for Dwayne. How he spread that commitment and sacrifice are the most important things im this world mean everything to me. God bless him!

  • Tanvir Virk
    Tanvir Virk


  • King

    He was a really good player, out of 10 points I’d give him 9

  • Lil Gary108
    Lil Gary108

    They should have gave him his number 9 jersey

  • Momo ndiaye Ndiaye
    Momo ndiaye Ndiaye

    Respect bro

  • Jay Shan
    Jay Shan

    Thank you Wade!

  • noyjovz


  • BRP Productions
    BRP Productions


  • TTV GAMEr FAtFAt boY !
    TTV GAMEr FAtFAt boY !

    They should take his jersey down Kobe mad than a motherfucker

  • Kirwyn Isreal
    Kirwyn Isreal

    Now d wade had love for his son he would've tune himself into mavin gay daddy and take that freak of a little demon out of sight

  • noxolo kunene
    noxolo kunene

    Great speech man❤️❤️

  • Islam Khalil
    Islam Khalil

    I love Wade, but i'm not feeling the speech at all

  • Charity B.
    Charity B.

    Awww that video was bitter sweet!Long live basketball!And keep moving forward! DWAYNE WADE! Kobe/Gianna &the others are looking down on you!🧡🧡💖💞💯🔥NBA POWER FOREVER!

  • Rissa Ceehart
    Rissa Ceehart

    Okay I'm going to be the White Elephant in the Room...WHY DID THE NBA try to postpone the Date of Wade's Jersey Retirement Ceremony beyond the Month of February....WITH EVERYTHING FOCUSED ON KOBE (And KNOWING How close Wade was To Him)This Timing just DOESN'T Feel Right..You Can even See it in Wade's Face..He's Appreciative&Grateful for This BUT...I'M Sure his Focus Right Now is Not in the Right Frame of Mind!!..IJS

  • Geo Ortiz
    Geo Ortiz

    Respect to dwade, I'm a mavs fan i give it too him he shited on us in 2006, with helps from da refs. Fuck u dwade

  • M&E sworld
    M&E sworld

    I'm pretty sure if kobe was here he would've definitely be proud of him😔💔🕊

  • Ish Mayfield
    Ish Mayfield

    He don't deserve that

  • Few Storylines
    Few Storylines

    2nd greatest Heat ever ,,,

  • The Fourth Chairman
    The Fourth Chairman

    oh wow... a miami heat's legend we'll give it 47

  • EDaniel Smith
    EDaniel Smith

    For all those following real basketball..dont nobody but this new young generation care about LeBron..stop swinging on his 🍆whn he retire he jus gone retire..this about dwade,another chitown baller that deserves his respect..so tired of this generation with this lebron crap...dwade retiring..sick of you haters

  • Abdel Abdel
    Abdel Abdel

    Poor guy, all the big players didn’t come to show respect

  • Adam Bob
    Adam Bob

    When Em's song came on

  • DaevonTheSavage

    Even in retirement, American Airlines Arena is Still D-Wade’s House. Forever Miami-Wade County

  • Thanos

    Easily the top 5 best sg in nba history. Wade could do it all

  • Eman Villarias
    Eman Villarias

    Wade your one of my inspirations in life!

  • Rodney king
    Rodney king

    My favorite player ⚡

  • Emerson Panis
    Emerson Panis

    1 of the best player in the nba.thank you for sharing your kindness and your beautiful talent

  • Jemar Moratalla
    Jemar Moratalla

    😍😍 D wade

  • Miah Freeman
    Miah Freeman

    When kobe retired it was W's after W's. When Wade retired he became a walking L 👎🤦

  • Raymond Noriega
    Raymond Noriega

    Heat must retired jersey number 9 as well 😜

  • Legends Never Die
    Legends Never Die

    My AVID class went there for a field trip to see Dwade's jersey get retired. I didn't go because nobody likes me in my class and because of that I don't see the point on going.

  • Jeremiah Chacko
    Jeremiah Chacko

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1345">22:25</a> the baby crying cause Wade robbed Aaron Gordon 😂

  • James Macarayo
    James Macarayo

    Jordan in Chicago Kobe in LA Wade in Miami ! TOP 3 SG All time

  • Min J
    Min J

    I gave this a 9

  • Jeremiah Chacko
    Jeremiah Chacko

    The 9 score he gave Gordon gonna haunt him though

  • Weiyue Wang
    Weiyue Wang

    Again I would like to say that we are here sharing love and show respect to a basketball star and legend. He deserves this ceremony and everyone's bless. I always believe our society is built up by compossions, for those who keep posting dunk contest or 9/10 stuff, definitely lacking love in their real lives.

  • Cleanxzy Live
    Cleanxzy Live

    In my opinion the *3rd* best shooting guard

  • Shockwave 117
    Shockwave 117

    How fitting number 3 gave Miami 3 championship now number 3 is going up about time.