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Joyner Lucas
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    This go hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    💯 💯 💯

  • Blu Brin
    Blu Brin

    This is just joyner fan boying over will smith 😂

  • Ethann Du Plessis
    Ethann Du Plessis

    This is super lit🔥

  • teeb hawj
    teeb hawj

    where's independence day.

  • Kahokian

    This is probably the most true hip hop I have heard in years. The art of story telling has depth and such creativity. I am beyond impressed. Will continues to evolve and diversify, just like Joyner.

  • Hboy-679

    Joyner will

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  • Kinotika [Dave Maze]
    Kinotika [Dave Maze]

    was that a deep fake at the end?

  • Jamal Al-Uqdah
    Jamal Al-Uqdah

    Corniest dick riding rapper ever

  • Dylan Maharaj
    Dylan Maharaj

    It’s about damn time Will got the credit he deserves! You guys mind giving my songs a listen? Any kind of feedback would be awesome. Thanks guys!

  • Faith Randon
    Faith Randon

    There is no I in happyness? If you spelled it right, it would.

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    BK Live

    Crank Lucas made the beat

  • Damian Hernandez
    Damian Hernandez

    Nuff respect ✊!! Will Smith is definitely someone to look 👀 up 2!!

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    Way to FIRE🔥!!!!

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    Sebastian Nielsen

    Give me three wishes i think i am Alladin, but there ain't no genie that blesses. Thats cool

  • 250Nation

    Wow!! Amazing stuff

  • Rob Wilson
    Rob Wilson

    Fuckin dislikes!?! Will Smith paved a big path for all you youngins today! He was a huge part of hip-hop evolvement. He was once admired in our culture. His success just over shadows where he came from.

  • Gavy Sunner
    Gavy Sunner

    Shoutout to that girl in the camo tights

  • Freddy AM
    Freddy AM

    An awesome credit for Will

  • Randy SAVGE
    Randy SAVGE

    this is amazing 🔥🙏👍

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    Vim ler os comentários

  • ChanMan219

    You’re so underrated Joyner. Your songs are so deep and can hit home with so many people. Huge props to you man!

  • beerus x
    beerus x

    Lyrics: Hey Will Yeah I'm feelin' like Will (Hey) I think I'm a prince, I'm feelin' myself (Buck, buck) I'm loaded with bills, 'cause I wasn't blessed with no Uncle Phil (Woah) Don't know how it feels I wanted to flex, they told me to chill (Chill) I'm makin' a flip (Flip) My life is a flick, come load up the film (Hey) I got me some paper, hired a butler and got me a waiter (Woah) I wanna get married, but none of my shorties remind me of Jada Or maybe I'm just too afraid to settle, I wish I was plannin' it different I think It's a phase, I'm very conditioned I'm stuck in my ways and scared of commitment, I'm very conflicted (Ooh) I got the drip and I'm saucy, ooh (Buck, buck, buck) ADHD, I'm a bad boy I think I might just pull up in the 'Rari, ooh I might just skrrtt up the Philly They call me Big Willie, I think I'm Mike Lowrey, ooh Ain't nothin' much you can tell me, I blew through a milli and threw me a party, ooh (Buck, buck) I know I'm the one Dammit, I made it, I look at my son I feel like I'm dreamin', he truly a blessin' I'm really elated, I pray that he grow up like Willow or Jaden I know that he will I hope he look up to me like we used to look up to Phil I know that's it's real I lay a brick at a time for somethin' I know I can build I learn it from Will I know ain't nothin' got set us back (Buck) You take it from me, I get it back (Buck, buck) Me and my homies forever strapped (Buck) We roll up on 'em like Men in Black (Bah) I blow your chest through your head and back (Yeah) I think I done made a mess (Mess) I'm in Cali with a vest (Hey) That's the wild Wild West (Yeah) I told my homies I'm good with the labels, I don't need to sign the dots (Yeah) They must not know me, they cannot control me 'cause I ain't no I, Robot (Hey) Yeah, I grew up on a legend and I gotta show it I learned a lot from him and I owe it Homie's my idol and don't even know it, ooh I'm feelin' like Will (Hey) I think I'm a prince, I'm feelin' myself (Buck, buck) I'm loaded with bills (Ooh), 'cause I wasn't blessed with no Uncle Phil (Blah) Don't know how it feels (Feels) I wanted to flex, they told me to chill (Chill) I'm makin' a flip (Flip) My life is a flick, now load up the film (Hey) I'm goin' back to Miami to meet with the cartel (Ooh-ooh) All of you rappers be runnin' 'round tellin' shark tales (Hey-hey) I was tryna make a flip when y'all was doin' cartwheels The Pursuit of Happyness, I was rock bottom now I'm out spendin' large bills (Oh) And I got a shorty who stuck in a bubble, but I'm still love with her hustle (Ooh) Her body bangin' but she don't stop talkin', I wish that she come with a muzzle (Ooh) I don't know if I'm in love with the pieces or I'm just in love with the puzzle (Hey) But I had to leave her 'cause I know these girls these days ain't nothin' but trouble (Nothin' but trouble) I know I'm the one Damn it I made it, now look what I've done (Buck, buck, buck) I feel like I'm dreamin', I count all my blessings I'm really elated, I know I Am Legend or one in the makin' I know that it's real I hope they look up to me like we used to look up to Phil (Buck, buck, buck) I know that you will I lay a brick at a time for somethin' I know I can build (Buck, buck, buck) That's how we leave an impression (Buck) Yes, I believe in expression (Hey) I got some secrets and weapons (Buck) That might just leave a concussion (Ah) Give me three wishes, I think I'm Aladdin but there ain't no genie to bless us (Yeah) I ain't had nothin' just me and heater at night, he be sleep on the dresser (Word) I cannot fold, I hit all my goals, I did it with pride (Did it with pride) Ain't nothin' worst than losin' your hero and couldn't say bye (Couldn't say bye) And we never know just when it's our time, the legends are gone and we don't know why So before they go, look here go a toast so give 'em a rose while they still alive (Buck) I'm feelin' like Will (Hey) I think I'm a prince, I'm feelin' myself (Buck, buck) I'm loaded with bills (Ooh), 'cause I wasn't blessed with no Uncle Phil (Blah) Don't know how it feels (Feels) I wanted to flex, they told me to chill (Chill) I'm makin' a flip (Flip) My life is a flick, mmm

  • Kevin Trujillo
    Kevin Trujillo

    No lie Will my hero So are you Joyner

  • Antiee Leen
    Antiee Leen

    This music video is fucking EVERYTHING! ♥️ and so is your album! Will Smith is 1 of my favorite actors and you repped almost all of my favorite movies from him.

  • Caelum Spartas
    Caelum Spartas

    He said I know I am the one. Is that a neo reference? Cause will turned down the role.

  • Jay Walt
    Jay Walt

    🔥 🔥🔥🔥👌🏾💯

  • Jose Vazquez
    Jose Vazquez

    He forgot one movie Hancock

  • tajwawn bryan
    tajwawn bryan

    Love this songs 😂✨☺

  • tajwawn bryan
    tajwawn bryan


  • tajwawn bryan
    tajwawn bryan

    Ouuu😂🧡its unique tho

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    Bro clips


  • Jye Taylor
    Jye Taylor

    Praise god

  • Noah Svenningsen
    Noah Svenningsen

    Ruined the song when he kissed that kid on the mouth

  • Boss Man
    Boss Man

    You know Will was Joyner idel rapping about him and everything KEEP UP WITH THE 🔥 MUSIC

  • Austintagious

    Bro Joyner is a Fricking genius. Ps I didn't cuss either

  • Michael Rockett
    Michael Rockett

    Will is the reason I started rapping back in the day. Respect🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mary Civitano
    Mary Civitano

    I can't be the only one that hears the similarities in the beat between this machine gun Kelly's diss track of Eminem

  • Kendrick Fisher
    Kendrick Fisher

    I like how this song is dedicated to Will Smith yet doesn't mention Suicide Squad once

  • Yousifa50

    Imagine DaBaby on this

  • GAME Master641
    GAME Master641

    G l

  • michael robinson
    michael robinson

    We need more rappers like joyner lucas

  • Cosimo Culotti
    Cosimo Culotti

    Did he kiss his kid on the lips?

  • Crumb Saucey
    Crumb Saucey

    Imagine disliking this video

  • Mike Lively
    Mike Lively

    as an 80s baby comin up in the 90s will was a huge influence .even till now when I still watch fresh prince every night. big up . big tune . real shit .

  • Geovanni Ramos
    Geovanni Ramos

    The song makes me wanna fire my boss

  • The ONE
    The ONE

    Yo Joyner, I just uploaded some acapella content. Check it out when you have the time. ✌️

  • Merit R
    Merit R

    Man, you left out one of is most iconic role, ID4!

  • Will Hancock
    Will Hancock

    Sooo is Hancock just not a good movie? Cuz I legitimately liked it

  • wilson machilico
    wilson machilico

    I feel like will 💪🏾🔥🔥

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  • Colin Enriquez
    Colin Enriquez

    That Sharktale scene was off the hook! Overall the video scores a clean 10 🙏

  • J D
    J D

    Straight 🔥 man Joyner on another level keep leveling up bruh 🙏

  • AlienKing 47
    AlienKing 47

    “Ain’t nothing worse than losin’ your hero and couldn’t say bye”

  • Sphylix

    Aahhhha!! Ah thats hot. Thats hot.

  • Tye Tastic
    Tye Tastic

    I'm just glad mumble rap is evolving back into real rap.

  • Jdawg Daman
    Jdawg Daman

    Where’s hancock

  • LazyMacaroon168

    I was yelling "Bruh" the whole time. This is next level creativity. Absolute amazing artist and I feel at this point is seriously underrated

  • Dhayyans WRLD
    Dhayyans WRLD

    Will Smith be like "yea, that's hot, Aladdin"

  • thewibb

    God DAMN! That beat is a BANGER. INSANELY talented dude. RESPECT

  • William G.
    William G.

    I actually love how he went through a bunch of Will Smiths movies throughout the video Genius idea for this 🧠

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  • Richie Moher
    Richie Moher



    ahhh thats hot bars

  • Knuckle Game
    Knuckle Game

    I know Jaren would've wished he did this tribute to his dad😂

  • LRW

    Sooo dope. He's so sexxxxyyy on multiple levels! Glad he actually puts thoughts in his videos.

  • HoRsE. pOwEr
    HoRsE. pOwEr

    Wow what a weird beard

  • michael fox
    michael fox

    When is the eminem crank lucasproduced beat coming

  • michael fox
    michael fox

    Crank Lucas!!!!!!

  • michael fox
    michael fox

    Finally a shootout to a legend before he is dead!

  • Nicholas Khami
    Nicholas Khami

    Action Bronson rip off

  • Swagger Sniper
    Swagger Sniper

    This was great

  • Aaron Guadian
    Aaron Guadian

    Will Smith said this is fire.

  • Viizion ToZe
    Viizion ToZe

    Now wanna remix, with the man himself in there, come on will, throw some bars in there lol

  • Sniper

    Has no one realize he kissed a 5 year old

  • John Ward
    John Ward