[MV]SEVENTEEN - 舞い落ちる花びら (Fallin' Flower)
SEVENTEEN Japan official Youtube
SEVENTEEN JAPAN 2ND SINGLE 「舞い落ちる花びら (Fallin' Flower)」
2020.04.01 Release
#SEVENTEEN #舞い落ちる花びら #Fallin_Flower #20200401

  • Black Dark
    Black Dark

    My little sister doesn't know the lyrics except for watashiwa hana lol she's cute while singing it, I feel like even she doesn't stan Seventeen, she is a lowkey carat. Cause she said her bias (if she'll stan them) is Seungkwan and Dokyeom because she said they are cute and energetic, she likes their voices too. Aigoo, it's because my sister is focusing only into girl groups but Seventeen is the only boy group that catches her attention. Without doubt, Seventeen is really smth. Whenever I played SVT songs, she's singing too (the part whom she can only sing lol)

  • ハーチー

    神すぎでしょおおお!曲ダンスビジュ良! セブチそんな知らんけどこれが神な事ぐらいは分かる。やっぱこういう人たちが母国語で歌ってくれるとしんどいね。ハマりそーw

  • Myla Aying
    Myla Aying

    Carat is the most respectful fandom for me. Hello everyone, I'm a 2 days old Filipino Carat.

    • Myla Aying
      Myla Aying

      @proud carat right here thank youuuu. 🤗

    • proud carat right here
      proud carat right here

      hello, welcome!

  • Mekayla Saechao
    Mekayla Saechao

    Seventeen is so slept on..and for what ?😭😭 they have so much talent

  • _ika_ _shah_
    _ika_ _shah_

    Who watch it again and again.. We same😊

  • Nina Sa
    Nina Sa


  • Salsabilla

    Bootiful :3

  • 동그라미circle

    Please stream fallin flower😥 We need more views

    • Noor Farhin
      Noor Farhin


  • Yulis Tiana
    Yulis Tiana

    This song is very beautiful,nice to hear

  • JB 17carat
    JB 17carat

    Seriously, are we gonna ignore Mingyu's back?... i'l say this, 'it's a crime'

  • I can't choose a bias in Svt #carat diamond life
    I can't choose a bias in Svt #carat diamond life


  • Amni Mn
    Amni Mn

    This mv director deserve an award.

  • Shruti XD
    Shruti XD

    Seventeen world domination khajaaa!!!

  • Катя Макшанцева
    Катя Макшанцева

    Russia loves you❤️❤️❤️🇷🇺🇰🇷

  • 採れたてのアボカド__ちい。

    舞い落ちる 花びらには 誰も手を伸ばさない 悲しみが 混ざったような 冷たい笑顔のまま ゆらり 舞い 風のままに ゆらり 舞い 落ちた心の たどり着く先は 今よりは まだ暖かいかな 夏にも耐えて 小雨に濡れて  誰かのために 散りたいなんて 刹那に生きてたけど  君と会い そう全てには 意味があることを知ったんだ 君へと舞い落ちてくよ 今すぐ会いたい いつかきっと君が僕の心に “私は花 私は花” 綺麗な花を咲かせ ると信じているから Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ 君に今 Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ “私は花 私は花” 君に今 Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ 呼ばれたままにFallin’ 暖かな胸に ぼやけてた未来も 君と出会って 鮮明になる ゆらり 舞い 風のままに ゆらり 舞い 落ちた心の たどり着く先は 世界で一番幸せだった 青空見つめ もう一度咲いて 誰かのすべてになりたいんだ 刹那に生きてたけど 君と会い そう全てには 意味があることを知ったんだ 花 咲き 散る間に 傷癒え 芽は出る 僕らは最初で最後の今を生きているんだよ だから君を当たり前なんて思わない こんな僕を愛してくれたから 君へと舞い落ちてくよ 今 Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ 君に今 Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ “私は花 私は花” 君に今 Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’

  • Катя Макшанцева
    Катя Макшанцева

    Очень красиво

  • 林饕

    the8 x hoshi 心動!!!(*¯︶¯*)

  • 에요뭐

    제발 천만이라도 넘겨봐요 ㅜㅠ 대체 구독자들 다 어디로 튀었냐 해피엔딩까진 천만이라도 됐는데 이건 왜캐 적을까요ㅜㅜㅜ

    • 에요뭐

      동그라미circle 아 그것도 그런가봐유...지금 코로나땜에 혹시나 걸리신 팬분들도 잇을 수 있구요ㅠㅠㅠ

    • 동그라미circle

      검색했을 때 뮤비가 잘 안보이는 것도 있고 지금 코로나때문에 소통 단절?약간 입소문 타는게 없는거 같아요.. 학생 캐럿들도 많은데 학교를 안가니까 잘 알려지지 않은 듯해요ㅠㅠ 왜냐면 멜론 순위 높게 유지 않더라도 학교에서는 애들이 다 노래 흥얼 거리고 있는 걸 봤었는데... 그리고 특히 일본 컴백곡이니까요ㅠㅠ 그리고 우리 입스 노스하는 사람 넘 많아서..

  • Amni Mn
    Amni Mn

    JPsoft is svtphobia, dont mind them. Let's keep on str3aming this beautiful song/mv ;)

  • cloudytae x
    cloudytae x


  • Sunflower Jeon Wonwoo
    Sunflower Jeon Wonwoo

    Let's get it to 5m for gyu's bday~

  • 세븐틴의캐럿



    : )))



  • Wonwoo Noona
    Wonwoo Noona

    I still cant find this mv on search tab :((

    • tejaswini gaikwad
      tejaswini gaikwad

      @Wonwoo Noona yeah.. exactly!! How can we report this?

    • I can't choose a bias in Svt #carat diamond life
      I can't choose a bias in Svt #carat diamond life


    • Wonwoo Noona
      Wonwoo Noona

      @tejaswini gaikwad dunno. It's not good for seventeen's promotion :((

    • tejaswini gaikwad
      tejaswini gaikwad

      Yeah same..why though?

  • Janna Solano
    Janna Solano

    Im calling Jesus Christ ...This is illegal

  • FeeCoups17


  • 쭈양

    솔직히 여러분 캐럿이라면 뮤비 한번만 보지말고 100번씩만 더 봐도 진짜 1억뷰 넘어요 그러니깐 여러분 ㅈ희 열심히 합시다 제발

  • Garden Vampire
    Garden Vampire

    Ugghhh pledis do something. It didn't show up at yt search yet

  • Garden Vampire
    Garden Vampire

    Less than 12 hours before mingyu's birthday. 5m fighting

    • Garden Vampire
      Garden Vampire

      @Badrina Rihan fighting

    • Badrina Rihan
      Badrina Rihan

      WE CAN DO IT!!

  • Joanna Reyes
    Joanna Reyes


  • 이쁘뀨

    도겸오빠 존나 몽환적 ㅠ

  • Wonuu Ya
    Wonuu Ya


  • No one Important
    No one Important

    ugh, why doesn't it appear on the searches when you type it's name anymore?

  • its Vernonie
    its Vernonie

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="164">2:44</a> That's amazing wonwoo😍

  • sebongies caratdeul
    sebongies caratdeul

    Pledis sucks at marketing istg.. why can't they make this MV searchable and have to upload the choreography video to shadow over the MV? Now this MV is hidden and nowhere to be found. They misplaced it as "people and blog" instead of music and even the title of the video is hard to search.. [MV] needs to have a space before Seventeen. This is why Seventeen is so underrated and have less views. It'a like they are trying so hard not to make Seventeen popular. SEVENTEEN HAS TO DO EVERYTHING THEMSELVES BECAUSE OF THEIR COMPANY. BLAME PLEDIS, THEY'RE THE CAUSE FOR MAKING SEVENTEEN UNDERRATED.

  • Selvi


  • janela zein
    janela zein

    im back stream fallin flower

  • Elaiza Mapa
    Elaiza Mapa

    No one: Literally no one: Me at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a>: ack, I love it so much. It's so beautiful, omaaayghaaash!>_

  • Amni Mn
    Amni Mn

    Beautiful. Ethereal.

  • Aisyah Hanifah
    Aisyah Hanifah

    Why can't i search it on JPsoft search?, Only the teaser and choreography video showed up

  • Just Saph
    Just Saph

    yep, this is my new favorite svt music video

  • Kimberly Ariola
    Kimberly Ariola

    lets go five million!!

  • 나유 ナユ
    나유 ナユ


  • Amalya Ana
    Amalya Ana


  • Roslina Wijaya
    Roslina Wijaya

    Is okay

  • AS H
    AS H

    Pledis please fix this asap,the music video of Fallin Flower doesnt show up on JPsoft search or google search really hard to find it? What happened???

    • Aisyah Hanifah
      Aisyah Hanifah

      Me too, i tried to search it, and it doesn't show up

  • Aina Safiyah
    Aina Safiyah

    Keep streaming caratz ! we're near ^ω^

  • Aina Safiyah
    Aina Safiyah

    I don't regret study japanese 🥰

  • Hoin Hoin
    Hoin Hoin

    كارات لازم ندعم اغنيه فلاين فلور

  • mimyomi

    I had to search the channel to find the mv...

  • 손명

    세븐틴 너무너무 사랑합니다 ~

  • Anna Kim
    Anna Kim

    Can someone please tell me the name of the handsome man that singing in the beginning ?❤️❤️❤️

    • Andita Gismaresya
      Andita Gismaresya

      xu minghao or the8 ^^

  • Natalia Silva
    Natalia Silva

    it's sad that the term "idol" comes with bunch of misconceptions or maybe side negative connotations beacuse these guys here are artists, this choreography was well thought. Whoever helped Hoshi and Dino develop this concept, i salute you.

  • Angel C
    Angel C

    pledis why is this mv not showing up on the searches when we enter "fallin flower"? :(

    • Aisyah Hanifah
      Aisyah Hanifah

      Me too, i really tried to search it, but its not showing up

    • Angel C
      Angel C

      uwu it’s been like this for a couple of days already 🥺

  • Jay Jeonwonwoossi
    Jay Jeonwonwoossi

    Carats reminder ; _Don't forget to tell yourself something nice today ♡︎♥︎_

  • Multifandomest

    This is literally the most aesthetic, beautiful and ethereal mv to exist, with the most elegant choreography performed with perfection.

  • Dilan Erdoğan
    Dilan Erdoğan

    Come here to help Carat for 5 million and ı am Monbebe ıf u read this str*am Wish on the same sky for us. Let's keep fighting together love u all.

    • I can't choose a bias in Svt #carat diamond life
      I can't choose a bias in Svt #carat diamond life

      Thank you💙

    • car7glass


    • Dilan Erdoğan
      Dilan Erdoğan

      @mary Thank u and all Carat's we are beautiful together

    • mary

      I'm just comeback from wish on the same sky mv Carat are lucky to hv this kind of relationship with monbebe

  • GodConi

    Un manjarsss uwu

  • Selin Gülmez
    Selin Gülmez

    This MV can't be found unless you go to the channel and the song is in the wrong category (people and blogs instead of music). Please, have someone help fix the error quickly because they can't make many views and have success if people can't find it.

  • naega hosh
    naega hosh

    anyone still swimming??

  • Melissa monster
    Melissa monster

    Monbebe 💜 Carat I am here for you guys love you All of them handsome and this song flawless

  • Sigrid Parlo
    Sigrid Parlo

    When you're so shook and impressed at the same time, that you don't know what to comment.

  • Gloominesspink bear
    Gloominesspink bear

    Let’s go 5 million fighting

  • Ojie Francisco
    Ojie Francisco

    This is not just a music video. THIS IS AN ART!

  • ten joons
    ten joons

    Art in a MV, look at Seventeen create history. I’ll be waiting for more recognition in the future!

  • stan seventeen
    stan seventeen

    this is art


    Go 5M

    • myartistsvt

      Go Go (Vernon voice)

  • bajam sana
    bajam sana

    They once again proved that 17 brand is 17

  • rachel

    thank you for such an amazing song. carats will continue to support you guys no matter what! we love you and stay safe

  • Jeonghan's Aegi
    Jeonghan's Aegi

    Am I the only one that looks up Seventeen Fallin Flower and can't find it through that search? I had to put a playlist for this song

    • Charmina chan
      Charmina chan

      Also, If you look at the description the category is people and vlogs instead of music :

    • Jeonghan's Aegi
      Jeonghan's Aegi

      @Kayana Okami Yeah, that's how I found it to comment this

    • Gloominesspink bear
      Gloominesspink bear

      Jeonghan's Aegi me too

    • Kayana Okami
      Kayana Okami

      Check the channel here. You will understand why. You need to check this same channel to find it.

    • Jeonghan's Aegi
      Jeonghan's Aegi

      @myartistsvt if I look it up, the only thing that comes up is the dance practice

  • karina g
    karina g

    ¿Soy yo o esta canción es demasiado adictiva? No puedo dejar de escucharla

  • • SEVENTEEN • got me so whipped Junhao
    • SEVENTEEN • got me so whipped Junhao

    We love you

  • Yu Ting
    Yu Ting

    I guess for the next one month I'll keep str34ming fallin flower to keep me alive at home :')

    • Mindy Y
      Mindy Y

      Welcome to the party ;)

  • zainab said
    zainab said

    I love it :"(

  • Iffa Damia
    Iffa Damia

    What i learn from them are popularity is not everything bcoz you just awesome by being yourself dude! Just follow your heart tho!

  • Zaslı

    watashi wa hana

  • aggelikh

    SVT is art making art everything about them is art art art

  • Amni Mn
    Amni Mn

    Watashiwa hana is my lullaby ~

  • Di Li
    Di Li

    Take care of your health Caratdeuls, have a beautiful day!!

    • Evi Min
      Evi Min

      You too