Portland Trail Blazers vs New Orleans Pelicans Full Game Highlights | Feb 21, 2019-20 NBA Season
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Portland Trail Blazers vs New Orleans Pelicans Full Game Highlights | Feb 21, 2019-20 NBA Season
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    is first match in nba for zion ???

  • Gilberto Flores
    Gilberto Flores

    the player or white ????

  • Sanjin Dragoljic
    Sanjin Dragoljic

    would actually love to see this pelicans team in the playoffs .. but it's going to be the blazers i reckon .. the lakers will beat both teams anyway so it's irrelevant anyway


    🔥🔥🔥🔥 *🏀🏀🏀🏀whatch this🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="99">1:39</a> 💯❤💓 👇👇👇👇💖

  • 김재욱

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="339">5:39</a>

  • Alex Stephens
    Alex Stephens

    I think zion would have won ROTY if he hadn't been injured for a long stretch during this season. Zion has transformed the pelicans into a way better team that are no longer pushovers against the big playerz in the league in just a short space in time . Ja is gonna win it though. He deserves it too .

  • Josh Hughes
    Josh Hughes

    I wish dame would go to the lakers, but its never going to happen

  • Akshansh Joshi
    Akshansh Joshi

    Here for my boy Lonzo 💥💥💥

  • Ronnie Jimenez
    Ronnie Jimenez

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="23">0:23</a> that screen lmao

  • ちょろめるも

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="58">0:58</a>芸術

  • john michael embile
    john michael embile

    Lmaoo why they put the lady in the highlight

  • Elie BECHARA
    Elie BECHARA

    Why does nobody complete a comeback anymore. BORING

  • Jeff The Wonderkid
    Jeff The Wonderkid

    No one talks about the passing ability of Zion. He is also good in that too. just like lebron James :)

  • Marco Filippetti
    Marco Filippetti

    Melli 🇮🇹 🔥 💪👍

  • Shane Mendel
    Shane Mendel

    Pelicans are really fun to watch if they keep it up there in the playoffs

  • Bayu Wirahmawan
    Bayu Wirahmawan

    Pelican + zion will go to playoff. I love the assist between the team. Good chemistry

  • King Tshilobo
    King Tshilobo

    If Zion was in Africa they’d think he’s a mechanic lol. Big and strong

  • M'Baku

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="176">2:56</a> Nice highlight.


    Melo as a rookie could have destroyed Zion with a quick drive to the basket and dunking all over him. His first step was unguardable those days.

  • Luis Velez
    Luis Velez

    Zion is like an ultra athletic Anthony Mason.

  • Pat4Clippers

    Zion is the best 19-year-old player we have ever seen in the NBA. And that's all due respect to Kobe, LeBron, and Luka from last year. Magic was 20 his rookie season. Again, Zion is only 19. Whoa. 🤯

  • Peter MaDash
    Peter MaDash

    Lol, so Whiteside has decided to start playing seriously? I wonder which team would be gullible enough to give him a big contract.

  • Bruno Souza
    Bruno Souza

    Definitely the Blazers won't make the playoffs this year! Sad

  • Joe Penrod
    Joe Penrod

    Poor lady just spilled her whole night’s pay on the floor. $139.95 wasted!

  • Doctor Too-Much
    Doctor Too-Much

    it always looks like he isnt even engaging at 80% and at the end he is top scorer.

  • Sammie Sosa
    Sammie Sosa

    Trail Blazers ass

  • Bankroll Pino
    Bankroll Pino

    Zion exactly doing what we want him to do

  • Pat4Clippers

    Lakers have a far greater chance being in the lottery as the 2022-2023 season will be LeBron's 20th season and he's only signed up until 2022. Clippers have made playoffs without All-Stars. Zion & Emoni = next Shaq & Kobe dynasty.

    • the phantom
      the phantom


  • Pat4Clippers

    I just realized something. Clippers have no chance drafting *Emoni* *Bates.* OKC has the right to pick swap in *2023.* Pelicans can pick swap the Lakers as well. There's a chance the Pelicans ends up with Bates! Scary!

  • tka060681

    I enjoyed watching this team so much, especially lonzo ball, such a great floor general. I hope they make it to playoffs, face the Lakers and beat them, they certainly have the talent and fire power to upset the Lakers.

    • tka060681

      @Faizal Setiawan they also need brandon, lonzo and Zion playing at all star level, which they are capable of.

    • Faizal Setiawan
      Faizal Setiawan

      If they able to contain AD it's a no brainer

  • XboxRacer

    So that guy Nicolo Melli is good.

  • Professa

    we can all agree he is better than anthony bennet now right?

  • Row 4 Beats
    Row 4 Beats

    Zion 🔥🔥🔥

  • Yu-Han Chang
    Yu-Han Chang

    Zion could learn some post moves this offseason then he would be more scary

  • Nav Negruj
    Nav Negruj

    Jrue always either shuts down or answers cj's shots.

  • Pedro Pedreiro
    Pedro Pedreiro

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="248">4:08</a> future hall of famer...ZION WILLIAMSON

  • Charlie Freecs
    Charlie Freecs

    Zion timestamp bro where are u my hero

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person

    the one who will be the 8th seed or higher position after regular season will win ROY

    • Chiminie Pabo has hella Jams in his Bag
      Chiminie Pabo has hella Jams in his Bag

      Kendrick Nunn!

  • pimpinnevaslipin

    *Pels are looking nice with Brandon back out there playing with Zion*

  • Bane


  • Animelytical

    Looks like the team don't want him to get double doubles. Not worth the cost jumping when taller, slimmer players can with help on the defensiven glass

    • MsMrapplepie

      A team that rebounds together wins together

  • Ricardo Nefasto
    Ricardo Nefasto

    Melo took Zion back to school, love this...

  • 卫龙VenomOng

    Zion Williamson is too strong

  • عبدالله قطر
    عبدالله قطر

    I'm wondering where the pelicans would place if they started the season with this team and BI lonzo josh hart performing at this level

    • Malcolm Hodnett
      Malcolm Hodnett

      I’d think like 7th seed

  • Mehmet 075
    Mehmet 075

    Pelicans own the Trail Blazers

  • Duy Nguyen
    Duy Nguyen

    These Lakers Rookie got a show to rown with their GOAT Zion

  • wzup77ify

    Can’t lie, Anthony did a good job on Zion

    • Ki Wavy
      Ki Wavy

      As he should, Zion is only a rookie.


    Nick melli >>>>>>>> westchoke


    Lonzo, jrue holiday, cj, melo and gary trent >>>>>>>> westbrick

    • Corey Appiah
      Corey Appiah

      MVP WESTBRICK ...this is just stupid Mamba out rip 😔


      @Corey Appiah well that's what you are dummy!

    • Corey Appiah
      Corey Appiah

      MVP WESTBRICK y would I try to scare u on the internet that’s soft as hell

    • Corey Appiah
      Corey Appiah

      MVP WESTBRICK 😆 this nigga thinks I’m tryin to scare him lmao


      @Corey Appiah damn you really a gangsta gangsta! I'm so scared 😂😂😂

  • Pat4Clippers

    February 25, 2020 (Tuesday) *LeBron* *vs* *Zion*

  • pogimax

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="249">4:09</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="251">4:11</a> Whiteside? More like backside.

  • Lu Ci
    Lu Ci

    Lonzo and Melli are underrated.

  • Manu 06
    Manu 06

    Love the pelicans but i think ingram won’t be an allstar if zion was healthy this season.

  • M Ku
    M Ku

    No drinks on the courtside, please.

  • Mave Rex
    Mave Rex

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a> another High5 of JHart failed. Poor Hart

  • Livg11 gayo
    Livg11 gayo

    Preview of pels basketball next season they're fun to watch..

  • phzorro


  • Horace

    This commentator is idiot. 7 times he said wrong name of players in possesion with the ball, and he said "future hall of famer Zion Wiliamson" ...come on damn it!! Hes already named him hall of famer??? Why? What's he done so big in bball already?? Come on.

  • EternalSolider Frosty
    EternalSolider Frosty

    Lonzo be playing the whole game. 40 mins :)

    • jalheel jalhe
      jalheel jalhe

      The guy plays 40mn in NBA and people calling him bust. My question is how many bust are they in NBA because there are players who never played over 2mn/night in their NBA career.

    • F7

      He makes everyone better that's why. When he's out their game ball movement stops.

  • Adel AlMejhem
    Adel AlMejhem

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="9">0:09</a> Melo just doesn't understand defense. He managed to confuse his own team.

    • Mister Class
      Mister Class

      @Igbo Kwenu so who's to blame when OKC lost in the first round last season without?

    • Igbo Kwenu
      Igbo Kwenu

      Adel AlMejhem He’s the main reason OKC lost to Utah that series a couple years ago but every one blamed Russ ! His defence is horse shite!!

  • Vj Escalora
    Vj Escalora

    That tall white guy in the NOP is like kevin love game type

    • luntian grace Tagaamihan
      luntian grace Tagaamihan

      Melli 💗

    • Andrea Lisi
      Andrea Lisi

      Niccolò Melli, from Italy

    • Willy Jan Tejano
      Willy Jan Tejano

      Nicolli Melli

    • gilang schwantz
      gilang schwantz

      Meli ?

  • Silenkurii

    Pelican's look like they've got really good chemistry. It's still not there yet, but it's shaping up quickly. They're such a dark horse, I hope they make the playoffs. They're fun to watch!

  • Hus

    If everyone stays healthy Pelicans will make playoff easily. Zion,. BI, they are beast and Lonzo is just a special player whether you hate him or not

    • Adelheid

      @Justin Whitez do u even watch basketball? lmao

    • Jan Jan
      Jan Jan

      @Justin Whitez okc is better than them

    • Savage Opress
      Savage Opress

      @Justin Whitez don't call people dumb but then go on to say some more idiotic shit🤦🏾‍♂️. Non of those teams including the pelicans are significantly better than the other. It will just come down to who has the easier schedule and who can get those key wins. Okc is making it. And Memphis is tough. Spurs will fight, so will the blazers. Pelicans are in there fighting as well.

    • The Great One
      The Great One

      @Justin Whitez you sound like a 12vie mate.

    • João Paulo Assad
      João Paulo Assad

      only bcause the grizz have the toughest scheduele

  • Fuck you mean
    Fuck you mean


    • Alonzo Trier
      Alonzo Trier


  • Njabuloseh

    Didn't they play against each other recently? 👀

  • The Six
    The Six

    I like Zion but hate how the media is on this kids dick nonstop like take a breath while yall at it Heard they try to give Ingram's credit to Zion like Ingram was averaging around 25 PPG 48%FG 40%FG3 6 Reb 4 AST when Zion wasn't even playing and he's a better player than Zion right now. Also Ja is ROTY this aint no Rookie of HALF A YEAR AWARD with 26 games left in the season.

  • Insomnia Kyle
    Insomnia Kyle

    The Pelicans looking to make a Playoff run!

  • MattMannTheGod

    I remember little Zion now he's big Zion time flies

    • tka060681

      Zion will be the best player soon if his knee can hold up.

    • MattMannTheGod

      @BobBub yep I witnessed it with My own 2 eyes from 2 to 10

    • BobBub

      was zion ever little

  • Ondra Kozák
    Ondra Kozák

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="177">2:57</a> that woman must have mistaken a basketball game with a fucking buffet or something

    • The Six
      The Six

      Aye she's just doing her job and the ref made an uncall for mistake

  • Jamal Young
    Jamal Young

    Melo was bullying Zion 😂

    • Jorge Alejandro Leon
      Jorge Alejandro Leon


    • Lu Ci
      Lu Ci

      Melo shot 6/17.

  • Touta Konoe
    Touta Konoe

    They need to make plays for zion.. His playing like his lonely. Emotionless. Not happy. Just my opinion no hate.

    • Lugger


  • Justin Go
    Justin Go

    Zion got high basketball IQ!

    • Geo Rockmann
      Geo Rockmann

      @Nel Chrles You honestly sound very dumb

    • Nel Chrles
      Nel Chrles

      @MsMrapplepie ja morant or him🤔

    • MsMrapplepie

      Nel Chrles You can’t stop him though. What’s smarter, a dunk/layup you make 80% of the time or a mid range jumper you only make 45% of the time?

    • Nel Chrles
      Nel Chrles

      @MsMrapplepie only lay up lol

    • MsMrapplepie

      Nel Chrles why shoot when you can score in the paint every time? Nothing smart about taking a less efficient shot.

  • Fernando Jose
    Fernando Jose

    Oh you’re definitely the fastest with these uploads shoutout to you👍🏾

  • Daniel Berri
    Daniel Berri


  • Daniel Berri
    Daniel Berri


  • YRN

    Love seeing Zion doesn't waste his knees on unnecessary explosive jumps. Take DRose's career as a lessons. Very wise. If Pelicans can get 8th seed ROTY for sure.

    • Ryan Williams
      Ryan Williams

      Igbo Kwenu u think Zion is mk ultra?

    • nomooon

      @Igbo Kwenu only way Zion getting roty over Morant is let Wade be the judge.

    • Бондарюк Алексей
      Бондарюк Алексей

      D-Rose had certain mechanics lead to injuries, like landing on straight legs. He also landed unstable while making layups or dunks in traffic, having heavier defenders around him. Zion is able to avoid all this: he is the heaviest guy in traffic, he also has enough qualified people around paying attention to his movement patterns and habits

    • the phantom
      the phantom

      @Barney and Barney as others have said its about the narrative..he sits on the bench for a good part of the season but comes back on the floor to knock memphis and ja morant out and take his team to the 8th seed in the playoffs i think thats an even greater accomplishment!..they are 4 games behind menphis so we will see..

    • Barney and Barney
      Barney and Barney

      the phantom so no. It's not "easy". Even with Zion playing the way he is right now you could still say Ja is playing of the same level, with somewhat of an outside shot. On top of being the main facilitator on his team.....Zion on the other hand has Brandon Ingram. An all-star. Who has made drastic jumps in his game. Lonzo who rather we want to admit it or not isn't a bust and happens to be an amazing floor general. Who exactly does Ja Morant have on his team??

  • mavs fans
    mavs fans

    if im not mistake mlghighlights is 1m subscriber????

    • ShortyNed *
      ShortyNed *

      He's old channel is still there if u search it

    • mavs fans
      mavs fans

      @Fernando Jose 🤣✌

    • mavs fans
      mavs fans

      @John Duong hahahahahha thanks

    • mavs fans
      mavs fans

      @krezo ow hahahah thanks bro

    • John Duong
      John Duong

      Are you thinking of house of highlights??? i mean they're at 2.2m but that's the closest sounding name to mlghighlights lol

  • Caleb

    caleb swannigan is trash

    • Caleb U
      Caleb U


  • MegaKhalid121

    Melo had to give the up and coming rookie that work 🔥🔥

    • MegaKhalid121

      Wilt Chamberlain Let me clarify that I’m only talking about the play where Melo pump faked him 😂

    • Lu Ci
      Lu Ci

      August must be holding Zion to a reaaally high standard where 25-5 on 59% FG with his primary assignment shooting just 35% is called rubbish. I agree with you August, Zion's so much better than this!

    • Wilt Chamberlain
      Wilt Chamberlain

      @August What? Zion dropped 25, had 1 less rebound than Melo and had more assists as a rookie, you don't have to be a Zion fan to see that Melo hardly busted him as bad as op pretends he did...

    • August

      Luke Davis He is 35 years old and he made a 19 year old look rubbish. Gotta give him credit. Don’t be so biased because your a zion fan boy.

    • Luke Davis
      Luke Davis

      Melo played so trash 6/17 from the field lmao

  • Godwings Godwings
    Godwings Godwings

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="177">2:57</a> WT...?

    • Bruno Fawks
      Bruno Fawks