Stephen Curry talks return to court, Andrew Wiggins joins Warriors | NBA on ESPN
Stephen Curry discusses the condition of his wrist, the challenges rehab has presented him and whether or not he will play on his target return date of March 1st against the Washington Wizards. Curry also describes how Andrew Wiggins fits into the Golden State Warriors’ future.
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  • Melinda Apodaca
    Melinda Apodaca

    My name is Brock I’m a big fan I have always wanted to meet you that is my dream

  • QUINTINE mercado
    QUINTINE mercado

    No curry Thompson nba is boring

  • Cikun Sports
    Cikun Sports

    Yeah boy get James harden his trying to beat u on the all time 3s by shooting 30 a night on 35 percent

  • HKim0072

    All injuries suck, but isn’t this the best possible one. Broken non-shooting hand. Zero wear and tear on his body this year.

  • Rodrigo Nuñez
    Rodrigo Nuñez

    It's really good to have Steph curry comeback to play in the court welcome back Steph curry

  • Instant Charge
    Instant Charge

    Dont lie too me who watching the video and reading the comments🍕 (IM GIFTING EVERYONE THAT SUBS TO ME)😂📌


    Curry, Klay, Wiggins, number 1 draft pick, and green. Next season will be lit 🔥🙏🏼🏀.

  • D Ro
    D Ro

    I can already see people complaining and hating on the warriors next year 🙄all these people all happy because golden state is losing this year well...enjoy it while it lasts 😂we back running the nba next year 😂🤩ohh en lechoke trash 🗑😂🤣He winning no ring😂🤣

  • Usa Dame
    Usa Dame

    Who else hears NBAYoungboy in the back

  • Ntando Nwaora
    Ntando Nwaora

    That YB in the background...

  • Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl
    Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl

    The absolute LAST THING teams wanna deal with is a HEALTHY CURRY/GSW in the playoffs. Go ask LeBron....he knows. BEWARE THE 2021 GSW....I'm telling u now.

  • jo id
    jo id

    I think he just don’t wanna come back cuz his team is a joke now. Mister Curry is too proud of himself. Arrogant and overpaid!

  • Jennifer Frise
    Jennifer Frise

    I'm so glad your back

  • Living Witness TV
    Living Witness TV

    bro if u r not back to normal for real, and now i hear u talking about your new normal. DONT COME BACK THIS SEASON. Get the #1 pick, get healthy and back to real normal not new normal.

  • Ariel Mozetta
    Ariel Mozetta


  • themonkey2k

    they better win lotta games next season

  • ツSki Mɑsk
    ツSki Mɑsk

    Ayyyee steph playin against the wizards on the 1st, watch out cheff curry is bacc in town

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez

    That boi veins be popping out his forehead crazy..

  • colourFlow

    Did he say the left hand still feels different and it just takes some more time to get back to 'completely' normal? 'Cause right now he admitted that the left isn't entirely the same? Can somebody clarify that and explain this nerve damage aspect more..

  • Voice of Validity
    Voice of Validity

    Somebody needs to let Curry finish his haircuts before an interview, didn't even get a good fade.

  • Its Me
    Its Me

    Peep nba YoungBoy playing in the background 🐐

  • Young King
    Young King

    Makes no sense, he not💯%, GSW headed to the lottery! 🤔

  • Dj Gill
    Dj Gill

    Almost as good as kode

  • Jay Copes
    Jay Copes

    Yo Steph beat those lakers BLESS YOU BUDDY!!

  • Faithwalkerscharities

    Welcome back champ

  • Zack Fronk
    Zack Fronk

    If curry plays at all this season it’s dumb

  • Julian Dilonez
    Julian Dilonez

    Listen if Steph Curry comes back next month and he gets hurt again, next season 2020-2021 will be lost. Keep Steph Curry out forget this season altogether.

  • Jimmy Taylor
    Jimmy Taylor

    So everyone gonna act like curry didnt sit out the year so he wouldn't get exposed let's keep it 100 here his injury was not that serious to where he had to missed the ur lmao ik yhal gonna try n defend this soy boy shyt

  • L. Thomas
    L. Thomas

    steph u could accelerate your comeback if u *eat your cereal*

  • Lakerboii Mamba
    Lakerboii Mamba

    curry ain’t the best shooter & his team is trash now that everyone left

    • Lakerboii Mamba
      Lakerboii Mamba

      Nikko Tucker 💯 i jst dnt have love for golden state especially curry

    • Nikko Tucker
      Nikko Tucker

      hater alert

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon

    He will get the feeling back it takes years tho I had a jaw break pretty bad nerv Damage I couldn’t feel my chin for about 2+ years

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon

    Steph is looking like his name is chromedomeus right now

  • Headhoncho

    Sad 😢. Can’t wait till he back

  • TyrecusK Dale
    TyrecusK Dale

    Everybody scared now The Best Shooter coming back

  • diare Jones
    diare Jones

    No why is he back should have let him rest and bring him back next season

  • Marlon the mighty Smith
    Marlon the mighty Smith

    When you ask talented as curry you can get away with that haircut

  • Teron Arrington
    Teron Arrington

    I'm feel happy Stephen Curry

  • Chubbs_J

    let this man rest

  • soldier2009

    Why does he want to come back? The season is over for the Warriors. Rest up for next season.

  • Tahir Tankard
    Tahir Tankard

    My boy curry about to come back

  • TJ

    look at curry man

  • Cameron Hall
    Cameron Hall

    Curry gotta sue his barber 💯

  • Yajeeb Miller
    Yajeeb Miller

    There's literally NO reason for him to come back at all. But i guess the owners aren't selling as much tickets, so theres that🤦‍♂️.

    • Dats a paddlin
      Dats a paddlin

      Lol he gets payed to play

    • BuDPiece


  • trolololmfao

    steph is my favorite player and i agree, do what's right for you!

  • trolololmfao

    steph is my favorite player and i agree, do what's right for you!

  • alberto portuondo
    alberto portuondo

    Just because they’re not making the playoffs isint a Valid reason not to come back . It’ll be good warmup for him to play against the other power house teams and he can gauge how his recovery went lol makes no sense to sit out lol

  • Fresh Productions
    Fresh Productions

    We miss him

  • BD/Producer Business Development
    BD/Producer Business Development

    green aggressiveness has to rub off on wiggins ,,,he can't be soft

  • Xavier VEGA
    Xavier VEGA

    🔥 These guys think it's a whole new team.. Curry still has Klay, Green, Looney, now Wiggins.. trying to make news when their is none to make..

  • Shelton Hargrove
    Shelton Hargrove

    U took a dive because u knew your team sucked didn't want to tarnish your career punk

  • Xavier VEGA
    Xavier VEGA


  • Aruesx

    SAS: We don't want to see you this season Curry: bet

  • David Jones
    David Jones

    They listening to YoungBoy

  • Lamar Trade
    Lamar Trade

    The Media: I thought you suppose to sitting out so you guys can tank Steph: I'm tired of sitting on the bench, I got to do me. I got 3 rings.

  • QuelakaLilNino

    Can’t wait for steph vs trae 😳🔥

    • DeeJay


  • Israel

    NBA is just stale without this dude to me

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian
    Book of shadows contributor Brian

    450th comment they ask him too hard of questions 💸💵🔦💡

  • Cloes Dicupme
    Cloes Dicupme

    With the return of Curry and Klay,the addition of Wiggins, high draft pick and the experience this bench is getting, the Warriors are in a position to pick up where they left off. Being the Scariest team in the league.

  • Hamza Guzel
    Hamza Guzel

    Man, when the splash brother's return, they gonna get revenge for this season

  • Scotty Birkner
    Scotty Birkner

    Look at curry man such an inspiration

    • Scotty Birkner
      Scotty Birkner

      Marty da goat I bet he gave this interview in front of his family too what nba player does that. So inspirational.

    • Dats a paddlin
      Dats a paddlin

      His rise to stardom yes but he became a front runner. He shoulda been back lol

    • Jerome 3456
      Jerome 3456

      @Marty da goat Hater😂

    • Marty da goat
      Marty da goat

      Scotty Birkner 😂flight headass

  • W

    Curry shouldn't come back until Klay does. Curry without a bunch of HOF backup is trash. He already got exposed at the beginning of this season before he got hurt and the Dubs were the worst team in the NBA *with* him

    • The Avatar
      The Avatar

      For a few games...

  • Randy Wimbley
    Randy Wimbley

    Warriors dumb if they let him come back this season...

    • Keynari Brown
      Keynari Brown

      Randy Wimbley gotta get his chemistry and wind up for the Olympics.

  • William Malapitan
    William Malapitan

    Too much hype. This team struggled to fight Lebron on Cavs with KD. How are they going to match up with Lakers without Durant. Bucks will win this season and next.

    • Juggernaut X
      Juggernaut X

      William Malapitan nets got next year.

  • Gerardo Reyes2
    Gerardo Reyes2

    He bouta ball outtttt

  • D.J. Mitchell
    D.J. Mitchell

    I hope Steph and Klay play in the Olympics 2020

  • Leroy Rodgers
    Leroy Rodgers

    Steph will come in, play for a few minutes and get taken out early. There's no way they are going to have him playing 35 minutes each game.

  • saz19s8

    Well there goes their draft lottery chances

    • bdrmongoose78

      not really

  • Shruqjis_GaMinG X
    Shruqjis_GaMinG X

    I think wiggins gonna be the next kd in the warriors

    • DC F B4BY
      DC F B4BY

      @Yahia ali not consistent with it tho

    • Yahia ali
      Yahia ali

      @DC F B4BY he averages 22 a game on good efficiency

    • DC F B4BY
      DC F B4BY

      Yea but I'm sure had nothing happened to the splash bros the warriors would still be shittin on everybody lmao

    • Shruqjis_GaMinG X
      Shruqjis_GaMinG X

      He needs to be to win

    • DC F B4BY
      DC F B4BY

      @Shruqjis_GaMinG X facts he just has to be consistent

  • Chris G
    Chris G

    He's losing his hair it's like Lebron's going all the way back

  • Primetime 210
    Primetime 210

    Stay off the court till next year Curry! You will dominate next year. Keep on haning with your wife and rest.

  • Lane Booker
    Lane Booker

    I hear some youngboy 🐐

  • Evelyn Mobley
    Evelyn Mobley

    ALL U HATERS!!! he is the best but he don't get any credit for it. it always about LeBron

    • maxiqum s1
      maxiqum s1

      sure it's always about lebron. Curry is not even top-10 player right now

  • Kyle Karweik
    Kyle Karweik

    As a Warriors fan this season has been hard for all of us. But it has been cool seeing players like Chriss, Bowman and especially Eric Paschal get better each game. Our bench will be really good next year when our starters all come back healthy

  • Rack City
    Rack City

    Andrew Wiggins was by my job in sf today dude fit in like I thug

  • Grant Draper
    Grant Draper

    Nobody cares

  • John Le
    John Le

    Wiggins a better Harrison barnes by a long shot. I cant wait until Curry is back. Tired of the media acting like anyone who joins the warriors a nobody, but they make someone like Collison a savior before joining Lebron and the Lakers.

  • Amie Amie
    Amie Amie

    Curry lowkey doesn't wanna play with wiggins lol

  • Dwain Frett
    Dwain Frett

    Glad he decided to come back. Better late than never. It's been weird. People who don't like Steph seemed like they wanted him to come back and then some people wanted him to sit out the season. Either way it seems like both sides don't think he was that hurt anymore so I'm glad he's finally coming back. My view has always been if you're healthy then play. I'll never forget that year when Derrick Rose was cleared to play and sat out the playoffs. Then he got injured the next season anyway. That felt like a waste.

  • badwith names
    badwith names

    I'm still a lil hopeful that Wiggins will absorb the greatness from Steph and Klay and try to actually realise the insane potential he actually has.

    • Slim Shiii
      Slim Shiii

      I'm sure he already is. There is a video of him watching curry shoot in practice.. I'm sure he has never seen anyone shoot like that.. He is getting better everyday. Especially on defense.Wiggins can be a very good defender. His instincts are mad.

  • aastha bomzan
    aastha bomzan

    They need giannis...